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IDOL Courses

In today’s remote work world, training staff is a mix of challenges and tools. While we’re challenged because we need to learn to train our staff in new ways, powerful new tools exist that can make it easier and more productive than traditional in-class training. Company InFocus, a leading product review platform is featuring IDOL Courses and their growing community of online learners.

IDOL Courses

IDOL Courses is the only training center of its kind. Designed to teach business and human resource leaders how to create their own instructional assets, the Academy is the perfect place for corporate leaders to get the knowledge they need to lead their teams into the next step in business development.

For freelancers, there’s an entire training program that shows them how to create courses from scratch and sell them or create courses for clients. It’s where ambitious freelancers go to learn how to add powerful new skills to their toolbox.

Online training is the present and future of business learning. It’s increasingly imperative for businesses to have these skills at their fingertips, whether it’s an in-house expert or hiring a team to do it for them.

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IDOL Courses is the global leader in educational training software and skills. With a team of experts that teach people how to make their own educational assets or create those assets for them, IDOL Courses are the gateway to training and education for businesses in the future.